TUMS & MWR Preview New TV/Web Ad

LAS VEGAS – It’s not just about the race track and television anymore.

That was the message from Michael Waltrip and David Reutimann who joined TUMS Senior Brand Manager Ken Christensen in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway media center on Friday. The trio provided the NASCAR media with a sneak preview of the upcoming TUMS advertising campaign featuring Waltrip and Reutimann.

TUMS, America’s number one antacid, unveiled a new television commercial that premiers to the public during Sunday’s broadcast of the Las Vegas NASCAR Sprint Cup race. The commercial will also air as part of the company’s national television plan. TUMS also unveiled the first of its web videos that will live on the company’s Facebook page offering a way for fans to watch and engage with both TUMS and the drivers.

“I think all of us realize the world’s changing and TUMS and Michael Waltrip Racing recognize the importance digital is playing and is going to play in the world,” said Christensen. “TUMS made a huge effort in this space with the web videos we are unveiling today and the television commercial you’ll be seeing over the next few months with both Michael and David. We know that race fans will enjoy these but we also want to leverage them beyond the racing audience. We think everyone will enjoy them.”

Christensen played the new television commercial titled “Ribs” as well as the first interactive web video titled “Hamburger”. The humorous videos feature both Waltrip and Reutimann battling things like a giant Hamburger and a menacing Hot Dog with the message: “Your favorite foods fighting you? Fight back fast with Tums.”

“This is the second year of a very successful partnership with Michael Waltrip racing and the first year we are aligning our racing initiative with our national advertising campaign,” said Christensen. “We are confident that our message will resonate with both race fans and our general market audience. The digital campaign extends this message and provides opportunities to engage with the brand in a different way.”

Waltrip joked he never dreamed of starring with life size food in videos.

“We had a ton of fun making these,” laughed Waltrip, a two-time Daytona 500 champion. “I can say I never thought I would be paired with a hamburger and I must say it’s certainly a career achievement. TUMS did a great job. I hope everyone enjoys the commercials and videos like we did.”

TUMS’ 2011 NASCAR activation includes primary sponsorship of Reutimann’s No. 00 Toyota in the Las Vegas, Kansas, Kentucky, Chicago and Phoenix races, sponsorship of October’s TUMS Fast Relief 500 in Martinsville, and significant fan-focused activity at 20 races over the course of the NASCAR season. At these races, fans can get to know TUMS better, try a free sample, watch TUMS’ web videos and TV commercials, play the “Fight Back” punching bag game, and meet Waltrip and Reutimann.

TUMS isn’t alone in pursuing a digital strategy. Michael Waltrip Racing officials announced a new partnership with NASCAR Media Group to create several videos each week on the team’s website highlighting on and off-track activities associated with the team and its corporate sponsors.

“When you go to our website now you’ll see two videos previewing each week’s race and two videos recapping what we did on the track. It’s all about our drivers, team and partners. NASCAR’s television partners do a great job covering the sport but this is our way of showing our fans what went on or what’s going on with our team.”

To view the TUMS videos go to: http://www.facebook.com/TUMS
To view the Michael Waltrip Racing videos go to: http://www.michaelwaltripracing.com