Michael Waltrip Racing.

Exhibits & Tickets

Tour Highlights

Race Fans will see all facets of car fabrication and assembly as they observe MWR personnel in action building today’s NASCAR race cars. The first segment of the tour in the main building allows fans to walk around and observe shop operations at their own pace with MWR tour guides available to answer questions and identify points of interest.

All production segments are on display from a catwalk above including:

Machine Shops I & II - where our machinists custom mill all engine and chassis parts for our race cars using the latest technology including CNC machines, lathes and presses.

Gears & Transmission – builds transmissions for all our race teams and is responsible for their performance and the repair and recycling of valuable engine components.

Paint Booth – responsible for the look of all our race cars, these technicians custom paint all our chassis in any color of the rainbow and also perform light repair/restoration to damaged car bodies and return them to competition.

Chassis & Suspension - builds and maintains all the various suspension set ups needed by our race cars in each series and every race track they visit.

Shocks & Springs - custom tunes the shocks and springs of all race cars for better handling and track performance.

Final Assembly - The last stop in the production line, this is where the race cars are completed and fine tuned according to NASCAR specifications and rolled out to the haulers for that week’s race.

* Each display is accompanied by a short video explaining the work being performed below.

The second segment is a guided tour of the rest of the complex with tour guides leading the fans outside.  This segment includes:

The Hauler Bay – Where all our race car teams transporter trucks are housed, maintained, and loaded for travel to and from all races on the schedule.

Pit Practice Arena – On site replica of Pit Road, this is where our pit crews train and practice again and again that most important component of race strategy, the Pit Stop.

Fabrication Shop – where it all begins, this shop housed in our lower building manufactures all our race cars from the ground up before sending them up to the main building to be finished. They also function as a body shop that repairs heavy body damage to race cars and returns them to competition.

Hours Of Operation


*MWR will be closed the following dates:
December 14, 2012 and
December 24, 2012 - January 2, 2013

9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Ticket Prices

Adult $8.00
Senior (55+) $6.00
Child (ages 3-12) $3.00
Child (ages 2 & under) FREE